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Samstag, 21. April 2012

Rhubarb cake / Rhabarberkuchen mit Streusel


1,20 kg fresh Rhubarb/frischer Rhabarber
3 Tablespoons of cinnamon sugar/Zimtzucker


250 gram flour / Mehl
125 gram sugar/ Zucker
3 eggs/ 3 Eier
3-4 Tablespoons of mineral water / Mineralwasser
2 teaspoons of baking powder/ Backpulver
100 gram soft unsalted butter


150 gram soft butter/Butter
150 gram sugar/Zucker
200 gram flour/Mehl

Mix all ingredients for batter starting with butter. Then add sugar and  eggs and the rest.
Peel rhubarb and cut into lttle pieces. Butter pan, add some breadcrumbs , so the cake wil not stick.
Place batter in it and then the sugared rhubarb pieces. Now Streusel on top an bake for 60 minutes 170 degrees Celsius.

Samstag, 6. August 2011

25 minute coffee cake


1. 200 g plain flour
2. 150 g white sugar
3. 125 g plain yoghurt
4. 1 egg
5. 2 tsp. baking powder
6. 1 packet or 2 tsp of vanilla sugar or some vanilla essence
7. 100 g thin sliced almonds
8. 1 Tablespoon of vanilla sugar or sugar with cinnamon
9. 1 small cup of cream

Mix  ingredients 1 - 6 well to get a smooth batter. Put it in a round buttered baking pan. Mix ingridients 7 and 8 in a little bowl and spread over the batter. Now bake for 25 minutes at 165 deg. celsius.
After the time has passed proof with a little wooden stick if it is ready.
Then take the pan out of the oven and while the cake ist still warm pour the cup of unwhipped cream over the cake. When the delicious cake is cold, take it ouf of the baking pan. 


Montag, 13. Juni 2011

My homemade tomato-sauce


4 kg tomatoes (dark red)
6 big onions
garlic as much as you like (4 -6 cloves)
4 Tsp. olive oil
fresh rosemary
2 Tsp. Pizza or pasta herbs
1 Tsp. of sugar
1 Tsp. of balsamic vinegar
200 gram of tomato puree
salt and pepper  (I take about 4 Tsp. of salt and 2 Tsp. of pepper)
(depends on your taste) 

Put tomatoes for 1 minute in boiling water and take skin off. Cut onions and garlic and fry for 2 minutes in the hot olive oil. Add sugar and fry another 2 minutes Then add the tomato puree and fry at low heat another 3 minutes . Please cut all the peeled tomatoes in little cubes and add to the onion, garlic mix in the cooking pot. It is neccessary to take a very big pot!!. Now you put in herbs, fresh rosemary, pasta herbs and salt and pepper. After 1 hour cooking at low heat add the balsamic vinegar and hot chilli powder or fresh chilli if you like. 
Please cook again for another 2-3 hours while stirring frequently. 

After the cooking time it will smell great. Fill the hot tomato sauce into jars und put on lid straight away and let them get cold upside down. 

You can also puree the sauce, if you do not like the little pieces in it.

You can keep the jars 2-3 months in a cool dark place. 

Sonntag, 5. Juni 2011

Salmon and hake with roast potatoes


Salmon and hake
olive oil
fresh ginger
fleur du sel (sea salt) and fresh grounded pepper

Put fresh lemon juice, salt and pepper on the fish and leave for 5 minutes. Then turn the pieces in flour and fry gently in olive oil  for about 5 minutes. Now take the fish out of the pan and place it in an oven proof dish. Cover with the cut ginger slices and the rosemary and the garlic as well as a few drops of olive oil and put in oven for 10 minutes at a medium temperature. Now the fish should be ready to serve with a fresh salad and roast potaoes. 

I make a dip to go with the fish: Mayonaise, joghurt, chive, parsley, salt and pepper.

"Süsses Laible" - sweet breakfast bread


500 g plain flour
70 g sugar
250 ml warm milk
40 g fresh yeast (1 packet of dry yeast)
1 tsp salt
125 g unsalted butter
3 eggs

Stir together the milk, yeast and sugar. Let it stand in a warm place until bubbly (10 minutes).
 Meanwhile heat butter in a little pan carefully and let it cool down again. 
Mix together flour, yeast dough, melted butter, salt and 2 eggs. 
Now you knead the dough for about 10 minutes on a floured surface or with your kitchen machine.
Now let it rise in a warm place until it is double the size.
Knead the dough once more with little flour and put into the shape you want it to be.
Transfer the dough on to your buttered baking pan and leave for another 30 minutes.
Cover the sweet bread with stirred egg or milk to get a nice light brown colour. 

Now you can bake it at a medium temperature for about 45 - 50 minutes. 

Samstag, 4. Juni 2011

Blumenkohlsalat - Cauliflower salad


1 small cauliflower
1 bunch of radish
1 lemon
salt pepper 
sunflower oil 

Cut the raw cauliflower pieces in thin slices. Slice as well the radish. Add the small cut chive. 
Mix a sauce of lemon juice, mustard (french), oil, salt and pepper and mix with the cauliflower and radish. 

Cauliflower salad